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I’ve got first-hand in-house experience in online marketing and PR. On top of language, literature, and linguistics, my university studies focused on communication, didactics, educational science, and the psychology of learning.

So, working on marketing and e-learning content was an obvious, conscious choice. After all, I’m familiar with SEO, various types of educational and marketing materials and know how to appeal to different target groups.

Rest easy knowing I have all the right experience, because I’ve been translating and editing content in these fields since 2015.

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A good translation reads as if the text was written in German in the first place. But it also needs to stay true to the English original and be on point in terms of content, language, and terminology.

I’m a Chartered Linguist and an experienced translator who’s been awarded several literary grants and prizes in recognition of my work. I can translate your texts into flawless, natural German to keep your audience engaged.

As a marketing translator, I also offer SEO translation services.


Transcreation combines translation and content writing. It’s all about adapting texts for a specific target audience, taking any cultural differences and market requirements, as well as your brand voice and marketing strategy, into account.

Transcreation ensures you get your message across and your texts have the right effect on your readers.

That’s why transcreation is perfect for creative marketing content.


While proofreading adds the finishing touches to your text, editing goes beyond that. By working on the style, structure, and tone, I’ll improve the clarity, readability, and overall quality of your writing.

Thanks to my knowledge of the German market, I can also suggest how your content could be better adapted to your German audience.

I’m more than happy to work with any style guides and glossaries to make sure your terminology and brand voice are consistent across your texts.

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Marketing content and corporate communication

Tourism and travel

Lifestyle and leisure

E-learning and education

The best marketing content is entertaining, interesting, and inspiring. But above all, it makes people feel. For instance, an engaging travel blog gives you itchy feet, an e-book full of delicious vegan recipes makes you hungry, and a well-written newsletter leaves you curious.

I provide professional translation and transcreation services from English into German. Develop a relationship with your German audience, send the exact message you want to, and build trust in your brand.

  • Editorial content

  • Blog posts and magazine articles

  • Website content

  • Newsletters

  • Press releases

  • E-books

  • Brochures

  • Corporate communication

Tourism and travel

Active holidays, hotels by the beach, sustainable travel or workations…

Whatever it’s about, an engaging article about a dream location or the latest holiday trends shouldn’t just inform readers – it should make them want to pack their bags!

As a translator and former editorial lead of a content team in the travel industry, I’ll get your tourism texts to their destination safely.

Lifestyle and leisure

Inspiring lifestyle content improves brand awareness and helps build customer loyalty.

From sustainability blogs and mindfulness magazines to e-books with tips for a healthy work-life balance – I’ll help adapt your content so that it’s ready to succeed in the German market.

E-learning and education

Whether it’s professional training, educational apps for children or online courses for adults, learning should be fun!

It’s been shown that positive feelings improve both motivation and attention, making it much easier to learn new things. That’s why it’s so important to make sure educational content is clear and easy to understand, whilst also being engaging.

Thanks to my professional and academic experience, I’ll edit and translate your e-learning content into clear, accurate, and natural German.

I can also advise you on how best to localise and adapt your content for your German target audience.

  • Course content

  • Learning platforms

  • Scripts for educational videos

  • Subtitles for educational videos

  • Training materials

  • Educational apps

  • Marketing content of e-learning companies

  • Business communication of e-learning companies

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Claudia Voit MA MCIL Chartered Linguist
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